Ethnic and cultural trip
In doing so, it strives to preserve a balance between Man and his environment while enriching the quality of life within the community, the root of Aymara culture and religion, in an atmosphere of mutual aid and shared responsibility.
Andean Man lives and dies in the bosom of the Pachamama, and is aware of himself as part of Nature, of a whole in which each element complements all others. Nature has its own language, in which it communicates to Man its rhythms and movements. Man in turn explores and "baptizes" his surroundings - Chapiquiña ("place of thorns"), Socoroma ("flowing water"), Putre ("loud river"), and many others. His constant travels through these places gives him an intimate knowledge of where to find water and shelter. In his comings and goings between the highlands and the coast, he has left traces on the hillsides and rocks in the form of geoglyphs and petroglyphs. These mysterious symbols, born of conversations and dreams, guided the caravans that carried vital trade in products from different ecological regions as a mutual and reciprocal service. Over time, a magic link was constructed between Man and Earth. The Mother Earth Pachamama, together with the Mallkus mountains, were given thanks for herds, the rain, crops, and life itself. The Sun fertilized the Earth, who in her infinite wisdom brought forth -through time and space- worthy peoples among whom reigned peace and harmony between Nature and Man.
Reception by an Aymara guide at the airport, and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon, city tour and visit to the Azapa Valley to see archaeological sites, geoglyphs, the Sacred Mountain, and the San Miguel Museum that houses the world's oldest mummies from the Chinchorro culture. In the evening, lecture on the Aymara culture.
After breakfast, excursion with brief stops to observe the transition from coastal desert to Andean foothills, with their great variety of cactus. Box lunch along the way. In the afternoon, visit to the pre-Columbian villages of Tignamar, Belén, Chapiquiña, Socoroma, and Putre, interconnected by ancient pathways that belong to the Inca Highway network. These Aymara villages maintain their ancestral traditions and deep religious convictions, as well as their agricultural system with its techniques of cultivating irrigated terraces.
On arrival in Putre, reception and welcome by the local yariti (shaman). Candlelight supper with native music, the maximum expression of Andean folklore. Receive gifts of chuspa and coca leaves for participation in the mystic Aymara ritual of challa, in which the yariti intercedes with the Earth Mother Pachamama and the Sun Father Tata Inti to preserve the harmony between Man and Nature, and thanks them for all their gifts to the people. Overnight stay in Las Vicuñas guest house.
Breakfast at the guesthouse. Morning excursion to Lauca National Park, with its lovely landscapes and fascinating Andean plants and animals. Witness apacheta ritual, an Aymara ceremony dedicated to the sacred spirits of the high Andean peaks, to ask their blessing and protection on the road. Visit to Lake Chungará, whose waters mirror the imposing Payachata Volcanos, and to the Aymara ceremonial village of Parinacota, one of the oldest in the region. Box lunch along the way.
In the afternoon, return to Arica through the Lluta Valley with its numerous petroglyphs and geoglyphs and its important archaeological sites such as Tambo Inca de Zapahuira and Pukra de Copaquilla. Overnight stay in hotel of choice in Arica.
Transfer from hotel to airport at the time previously agreed upon. End of our services.
Based on double occupancy
Hotel Arica
Hotel Savona
4 or 5 persons
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6 to 8 5 persons
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9 to 10 5 persons
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Hotel Arica
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Las Vicuñas guesthouse
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  • 2 nights in selected hotel in Arica, breakfast included; 2 nights in Las Vicuñas guesthouse, breakfast included
  • Tours according to program, with bilingual guide and full-time
  • Aymara guide
  • Admission fees for museums
  • Supplemental oxygen.


  • Air tickets
  • Meals not mentioned in program
  • Extras of any kind
  • Tips
  • Any form of insurance.

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