Fly Fishing Program in Llanquihue Lake
Horseback expeditions, if you're so inclined, provide access, through native Chilean forests, to some beautiful lakes and streams off the beaten path. The Chilean forests will look like they are directly from the Amazon with thick vegetation and huge trees. You would expect a monkey to come swinging through or brightly colored birds to be flying by until you see the majestic snow capped volcanoes reminding you you are not in a tropical setting.
The Rio Petrohue, made famous by Roderick L. Hague-Brown in his book "Fisherman's Winter," is home to large, resident brown and rainbow trout, which are supplemented by sea-run browns, steelhead, sliver salmon, king salmon and Atlantic salmon. We have four different floats on this river alone. There are spring creeks and streams that run into the Petrohue for added variety. The fishing is of course dependent on weather and river conditions but our guides, equipped with their fleet of boats, jeeps, trucks, rafts, and horses will put you on fish when other lodges cannot. There are rivers that can yield 50 fish a day and spring creeks that may yield a fish or two a day and everything in between. The average resident trout will be between 12-15 inches with shots at 25" fish every day. We have caught trout up to 20 pounds here but this is not the norm. Expect good solid trout fishing and you won't be disappointed. Expect a 10 pound fish everyday, and you will not be satisfied. There are huge fish here but as in any healthy fishery the big ones are not easy. Work hard, cast well and you will get big fish.
The fishing in these areas is similar to Alaska in that there is a great variety of fish. We have resident salmon in the lakes, migratory Kings, Silvers, Atlantics and Steelhead in the rivers. The large population of rainbows, browns and brook trout reside year round. Some streams are reached by horseback, boat or 4 wheel drive and then waded, some floated in catarafts while bigger rivers, lakes and estuaries are fished from small power boats. Our private waters combined with private access to remote public waters give us hundreds of miles to fish. Even though the resort can handle a lot more we limit our fishing guests to 8 to preserve the the integrity of the fishing.
The flagship lodge, Yan Kee Way, is on the shores of Lago Llanquihue with spectacular views of the lake with 8,400 foot Volcano Osorno towering over the shore. It is without a doubt one of the finest fishing lodges in the world with luxurious lodging and wonderful food. The lodging consists of modern bungalows and chalets. The Bungalows are nestled in the rain forest and are individual duplex buildings with 2 bungalows per building. There is a living room with a sleep sofa, table and chairs and a small fridge. A full closet/dressing room and a full bathroom with jacuzzi tub. Up stairs there is a loft bedroom with two twin beds or a queen bThe chalets are larger 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with kitchen. These are also equipped with the same amenities as the bungalows.
Length of stay
Fly Fishing Packages
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Sport Adventure Packages
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adventure every day)
2 day 2 night
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3 day 3 night
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5 day 5 night
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Prices are in US Dollars based on double occupancy and two anglers per guide.
If you need a private room add $50 per night, or if only one person is fishing add the private guide fee of $300 per day to the fishing package price.
If you want to design a sport package that includes flyfishing take the sport adventure price and add $289 per day for each day you want to substitute fly fishing as and adventure.


  • Ground Transfers between the lodge and Puerto Montt
  • Luxury lodging in a Bungalow suite
  • Full meal package with unlimited choice from our Latitude 42 menu and a half bottle of our Latitude 42 wine each night
  • Guided activity each day, use of all amenities of Yan Kee Way (including spa)
  • All taxes and licenses.


  • Internal air tickets
  • Alcoholic beverages( other than the wine included with dinner)
  • Tips
  • Extra expenses as telephone calls, laundry service
  • Medical Expenses
  • Any kind of Insurance.
GEAR FOR FLYFISHERS (based on a 1 week trip)

1 rain jacket
2 polar fleece shirts
2 warm shirts
1-2 polar fleece pants (1 light weight 1 medium weight for under gortex waders))
1 turtlenecks
1 set long underwear (top$amp; bottom) 3-7 pair underwear
3 T shirts
2 pair wool/fleece socks
2-5 pair standard socks
1 wool or fleece hat
1 cap with brim
2 pair jeans or cotton pants
1 pair weather proof boots
1 pair fishing gloves - fingered or fingerless
1 polarized sunglasses
bathing suit ( lake or hot tub!)
personal toiletries
insect repellent
camera & film
waders (Gore-Tex are best) & repair kit
reading/writing materials
calculator ( for quick money exchange stuff!)

The weather is usually 45-55 degrees at night and 55-75 in the day during most of the summer. It is likely to rain sometime during your stay. One week may be total sun, another total rain and drizzle so be prepared for the worst. There are stores in Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt if you happen to forget something. If you are heading to El Patagon or Los Banditos there are no stores available. We have rental flyfishing gear at Yan Kee Way including rods, reels, and waders. There a couple of fly shops in Puerto Varras and one in Puerto Montt.
Most of the fishing is going to be throwing streamers against the bank so your primary rod should be a 6 or 7 weight. Your sink tip will be used the majority of the time, but I always keep a floating line with me just in case. It's possible you may be throwing mice patterns into the weeds one day and swinging heavy streamers for salmon the next, nymphing on a small creek, or throwing 6X leaders to fish in a clear spring creek. I have listed the gear below in order of importance. The guides will have flys but please bring your own or let us put together an assortment. Tying materials are limited in Chile so if you come with a basic selection it will help out the guides.
  • 9 foot 6-7 weight rod
  • 150 yards 20 lb. backing
  • 1 floating line
  • 1 - sinking tip line with 15- 24' sinking tip (5-6"; per second sink rate) (a 200 grain head will help you get down quickly

For spring creeks and smaller streams:

  • 8'6"-9', 4-5 weight rod
  • 50 yards 20 lb. backing
  • 1 -floating line

For Estuaries and big river water

  • 8-9 weight rod
  • 200 yards 35lb. backing
  • 1 - sinking tip line with 15- 24' sinking tip (5-6" per second sink rate, 200-250 grain head is best)

8' leader for floating lines (2-3 pound, 2 -5 pound, 6-10 pound
3'-6' leaders for sink tip lines
Tippet: 1 spool each; 3 pound, 4 pound, 5 pound, 10 pound,15 pound, 2 spools of 8 pound
Small assorted split shot
paste floatant
strike indicators
Rod repair kit ( tip top, epoxy, thread etc.)
Wader repair materials ( aqua seal or similar)
crazy glue.

You might break a rod or lose a fly line on your trip - be prepared! !

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