Region de Los Lagos, this region, located some 1,000km (620mi) south of Santiago, is about as large as Ireland and is home to a million people. Here is where the German immigrants who arrived late last century left their clearest mark, evident in the architecture, cuisine and in the names of many people. Interesting cities, large national parks, beautiful lakes, picturesque villages, forests and volcanoes, plus the world apart that is the Chiloé island make up the array of attractions awaiting the visitor. Each of the destination cities in the Lake Region feature excellent hotels, dining, shopping and transportation services, and put you within reach of diverse attractions for all tastes, ages, and levels of fitness. Of particular interest is the chain of National Parks that extends along the Argentine border, protecting habitats ranging from forest to volcanic plateaus.

On the shore of Reloncaví Sound, Puerto Montt is the departure point for maritime cruises through the Patagonian fjords and islands, including cruises to Laguna San Rafael and Puerto Natales. As the supply point for far-flung fishing communities, Puerto Montt is also one of the best places to buy handicrafts from Chiloé or to feast on an unbelievable assortment of fresh seafood. On the southern shore of Lago Llanquihue, faced by the perfect cone of Volcán Osorno, Puerto Varas combines the best of the Lake Region's nature and culture.

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