Traditional Tours in Santiago, February 2005

"Needless to say, we had a wonderful time. The cruise and South America will also be one of our favorites. Thank you for asking. The arrangement you made for us in Santiago were great. Our only contact there was the tour guide Victor Miranda. We enjoyed him so much and would recommend you use him any time you get a chance. "

Thank you very much,

Clark Darwyn

Chile trip, January 2005

We are back home safe!!

… and we had a wonderful trip. Every thing was perfect, and we have beautiful memories of Chile. We took about 1000 pictures...we look at them and we don't stop saying that Chile is a beautiful country.
The first week at Torres del Paine was absolutely stunning, it's unique, probably the most beautiful place we saw yet! and Marcelo was really kind, funny, thoughtful, interesting, and we had a great time with him. He was patient enough to listen to me, speaking bad Spanish all day long (My Spanish has improve because of his kindness) and we felt secure with him.

Our second week went great too! even so we were alone in the lakes region. We visited Villarrica,Valdivia, Puyehue park, Puerto Varas, Chiloe, Puerto Montt...the whether never let us down. And we are grateful for that.

And the last week, we visited Maipo valley, San Sebastian, Valparaiso, Olmue, La Campana park...

Fue muy bonito!

I thank you for your wonderful patience and help, and we will tell all our friends about the great trip we maid with your help.

Now we have to save our money for the next trip....maybe Atacama Desert!!! who knows.!!

Thanks again.

Christine Cayer
Charles Gauthier
Chile trip, December 2004
Hello, Cristina!
The Greatbatches came to see me on Saturday, and spent a long time telling me how wonderful their trip was. They had *nothing* bad to say about anything; they were delighted with all their hotels in Chile, and with their guides (although I guess a couple of the hikes were a little longer or tougher than they had thought, but they managed it all). They said everywhere they went, they were met and greeted and welcomed, and they think you must be a very important tour operator in Chile because they were looked after so well. And I told them, of course, that you were! Anyway, thank you again for designing such an excellent program for them, it was very successful.
Laura Friis - Small Mammal and Herpetofauna Specialist Biodiversity Branch
British Columbia, Canada.
Chile trip, December 2004
Hi Cristina,

Alan and I have just returned from a trip to Chile and Argentina where we had a wonderful time.

Thanks to you the whole vacation was excellent. There were no hitches; miraculously everyone seemed to know we were coming and they were there to greet us.

The hotels and cabanas you chose were ideal, we have been trying to pick out which we thought was the best and find it impossible.

We now feel thoroughly spoiled and have to get back to reality.


John Alan Greatbatch
Joan Greatbatch
British Columbia, Canada.
Sea kayaking en Chiloe, February 2002

Hello Friends at Altue,

Thanks to you all for making our travels within Chile so wonderful and memorable. We are world travelers and would rate both the trekking and kayaking as World Class Adventures. The magnificent Andes were part of the adventure, but more importantly we were given access to these areas through the competent and hard working staff.

We appreciate all the work and effort which was put into making our travels great. Thanks. We hope to travel with you again.

Mary Warpeha

Hiking to El Morado National Park, Summer 2001

Ciao Cristina !

What a wonderful day we spent hiking in the Andes ! The scenery was breathtaking and the company was a perfect complement to a perfect day. Danillo asked me to mail these pictures to you. May they be some indication of our great time spent together. We truly felt like four old friends. I will be traveling to your beautiful country again in the near future and will be sure to step in and say hello. I hope all is well and many thanks for everything.

All the best,


Deluxe Adventure in Patagonia, January 2001

Dear Mrs. Christina,

Since one week we are back in our snowed up homearea and are thinking about the beautiful time, we had in Chile.

Our trip to the Chile-south was great ! The organisation was total perfect : the guides (esp. Mr. Jürgen Schulmeister !), Hotels, the countryside and even the wheather. We would like to say " Thank you" for your individual - not just always easy - organisation.
We are sure coming back to Chile (together with friends) and of course with your help.

Recht vielen Dank
Edeltraut und Gerold Munderloh

Sea Kayaking - Andean Fjords of Pumalin Park, New Year of 2000 Trip

We took a wonderful seakayaking trip with you in Pumalin park for the new year of 2000 and also did a 3 day multi activity trip in the lake district and totally fell in love with Chile and with seakayaking (we were beginners then, but have done a lot of kayaking since

Simon and Nadine Maybaum.

Culture trip to Lota, carbon

Dear Cristina,

A brief note to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay in Chile. Victor did an outstanding job both days that we had
him. He was a fine gentleman and I can recommend him highly and will do so to any friends traveling to your beautiful
country. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed. We enjoyed the hotel in Santiago and the one in Viña
del Mar. The train was very comfortable and we slept well both nights. The hotel in Temuco does not offer food service
but there was a mall next door so we got some dinner prior to the train departure. The lady guide and male driver
were very nice in Temuco. She had limited English but enough to explain what we were looking for.
Not much to see there except the beautiful scenery. The cruise was fantastic and Antartica was gorgeous and
not what I had expected. Lots of whales, Penguins, Seal, and birds. Thank you again for all your help in giving
us such an enjoyable visit to your country. I hope that it will be one of many such visits.


DeWitt Chapple Jr.

Coyancura 2270, oficina 801, Providencia, Santiago, CHILE
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