Speaks: Spanish, French & Portuguese.
EXPERIENCE: A native of Chile, Zahel is an experienced trekking and mountaineering guide with more than 20 years leading trips in northern Chile and Bolivia. He has a vast knowledge of the Atacama region, its people and traditional culture. He is a professional tour guide. Courses: Ecology, flora and fauna training course - Wilderness First Responder Course - Introductory Course of Indigenous Culture and Geology. (Archeological Museum R.P. Gustavo Le Peige, Antofagasta University). Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.

Speaks : Spanish & English.
EXPERIENCE: A native of Chile, he is an experienced horseback rider and mountaineer guide leading high mountain treks in Chile and Argentina. Part of his background was to be Instructor for different mountaineering institutions of Chile. He enjoys to share his knowledge and the Chilean "huasos" traditional customs through one of our most important Chile-Argentina expedition. Courses: different Mountaineering courses in Chile. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.

Speaks:Spanish, English & French.

EXPERIENCE: Cathy is a French Argentinean turned Chilean immigrant! Her family have property right on the top of the Andes at Lago Las Rocas. She started her horse trekking and walking trips in 1994 after her family were able to construct their house on the island in the lake which enabled the development of considerable local knowledge of the area with all materials either being brought in from El Bolsón in Argentina or from Puerto Montt by land or air. She has a vast experience exploring and organizing her own trips has worked with local adventure operators leading trekking expeditions and white water rafting in the local Chilean National Parks. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.


Speaks: Spanish & English.
EXPERIENCE: A native of Chile, Francisco is an accomplished bilingual guide with 19 years of experience. He is in charge of the operational branch of Altue, looking after the quality and safety of the different trips. During the summer, he is usually found in Chiloé Island (northern Patagonia), managing the Lake District activities in the Andean Fjords and the sea kayaking operation. He loves the serene spirit of sea kayaking, our traditional culture and its people. From May to September he is our tour leader for trips in Bolivia, Perú, México and Costa Rica. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.


Speaks: Spanish & English.

EXPERIENCE: a native of Chile and named as "Yoyi". She is one of our guides in Northern Patagonia with a degree in a tourism enterprises. She is an enthusiastic sea kayaker and open air activities. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism. With a big knowledge in the culture of Chiloé island, she runs with her husband the Altue Sea Kayaking center, assuring with her touch the best quality trips. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.



Speaks:Spanish & English.

EXPERIENCE: profession Technical in Mechanic, titled at INACAP. The nature and the rivers are their true passions. From 1981participates in diverse kayak competitions along Chile: National Champion of Canoes in 1982; Second National Champion of Descent in 1985 and, National Champion of Slalom Novicios, in 1985.
In 1985, he begins like professional guide. Certified by the National Navy and homologated by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.
Descents: River Elqui, class III+ ; River Maipo, class III+
River Aconcagua, class III+ ; River Trancura, class III+
River Bio Bio class V; River Petrohue, class III+ ; River Futaleufu class V+.
From 1992 is the river operator for Altue in the area of Cajón del Maipo. Certified by CATA, Chilean organization in Adventure Tourism.



Speaks: Spanish, English & Italian.
EXPERIENCE: A native of Chile, Enzo is an enthusiastic guide descended from Italian immigrants. He loves trekking and horse riding in Chile. He always loved to travel and after his trip to Europe, he submerged himself in the natural wonders of South America and its diverse and interesting Cultures. After a while, he has become to be a profound and intense admirer of our continent.
He has traveled by Chile from the deserts in the extreme North to the Patagonia. Also his passion for photography has given to him the satisfaction of capturing the most wonderful natural landscapes and wildlife in our continent, from the Caribbean Sea of Venezuela to the Chilean Patagonia.
He loves Chile but also Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela have become his favorite places to visit with small groups. He says "It is impossible not to be amazed by rivers, jungles, beaches, forests, mountains and the magical local cultures".
Enzo is a fervent protector of the environment, a permanent student of Latin-American wildlife and an admirer of its people. That is why he becomes to be part of our selected staff.


Speaks: Spanish, & English.

EXPERIENCE: A Chilean guide, Pablo is a graduate of the prestigious Universidad Católica in English language and English and American Literature. He is fluent in both Spanish and English. He guides our mountain biking trip. He loves our country, take care our guests, sings sons playing his guitar.

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