Multiactivities from an Andean farm, non-riders and riders
Enjoy unforgettable days at our colonial style estate. Conquer a unique paradise. Discover wildly romantic beaches along the river, pick exotic fruit from the fruit trees, or relax in the shade of the olive grove. Standing under a tall palm tree, you have a very special view of the valley and the mountains. The clear mountain air allows faraway views.
The Hacienda cooking style assures culinary delights. Our cook Maria uses only fresh and untreated ingredients. After dinner in front of the fireplace, we will sit by the silken light of the moon in the garden enjoying a glass of Chilean red wine and end this day with interesting stories. And this wildly romantic part of the country holds a lot of exciting stories!
We offer various trips which you may join spontaneously and as it suits you best. The untouched mountainous landscape of the Andes can be explored on foot, by the off road vehicle or on the back of our safe and good-natured Chilean mountain horses. Hidden villages in the Andes await exploration. Get to know the country and its people!
At about 1 p.m., we pick you up from Vicuña or Ovalle, but you may tell us a different time. Before dinner in front of the fireplace, there will be time for having an extensive sauna, a bath in the Jacuzzi or a glass of wine in the palm garden.
Every day, you can choose one of the following trips:
Fossilized woods of Pichasca: Day trip to the fossilized woods of Pichasca. Visiting a village, vineyards, pure nature and, people.
Trip to Maiten in the Andes: Day trip into the high Andes with the all-wheel drive vehicle. Visiting mountain villages, weavers and, hermitages. Passing wild mountain landscapes across plateaus to remote places.
Canyon hiking: A manifold Sierra hiking leads you through the canyon Quebrada Vina up to a little oasis. After only another 30 minutes we will reach an antique Indian place of ceremony and get to know something about the culture of the Diaguita Indians and its way of living.
Riding: Ride with us into the wild mountain landscape of the Andes. We visit a hermitage in the mountains. During this adventurous trip, non-riders and riders get to know the untouched mountain landscape of the Andes. Conquer the Sierra of the Andes during four hours in a comfortable Gaucho-saddle. The clear mountain air allows views of more than 250 kilometres.
After breakfast, you have the opportunity to hike on the trails of the Hacienda. The nature trail explains flora and fauna. Romantic places along the river invite to swim. Jacuzzi and sauna are also available. In the afternoon, we take you back to Ovalle or Vicuña.
CAPACITY: From 1 to 20 people, ask about small groups
Single Suite
USD 753
Double Suite
USD 684
Single Standard
USD 649
Double Standard
USD 538


  • Transfer to Hacienda Los Andes and back from Ovalle or Vicuña
  • Three overnight stays in the rooms of the Hacienda
  • All meals (picnics during day trips)
  • All facilities of the Hacienda such as sauna, Jacuzzi
  • Nature trail and river access
  • Explorations accompanied by English, German and Spanish speaking guides
  • Equipment for riding explorations: Sombrero head, riding gaiters, comfortable Gaucho-saddle, ice box, safety helmet, first aid kit, saddlebags and finally one of our well trained Chilean mountain horses.


  • Air local flights from/to Santiago
  • Extra meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips and extra expenses as laundry
  • Medical Expenses.

We would like you to know that we have carefully selected the equipment and that it has proven its good quality during various tours. And now a word about the people who are standing behind:
Our guides are fluent in German, English and Spanish, have been employed by outdoor criteria and have to do training in our company before they start as guides. During your precious holiday it is guaranteed that guided tours are being accompanied by guides who are speaking several languages and who are trained.

Some advises what to bring amongst your personal items:
Fleece clothes to keep you warm during the cool nights in the Andes; light and comfortable trekking shoes for hiking and riding (do not worry, there are no poisonous snakes in Chile!); a good pair of sunglasses, headgear and sun cream.
Please note when you choose your clothes:
September to November, April to June: warm days and cool nights around 50°F (10°C)
December, January, February, and March: is summertime, days around 77°F (25°C), nights around 59/68°F (15/20°C)
Our saddles are comfortable and assure a safe sit. The Chilean saddle, which developed from many generations, has been modified by us for horse-trekking tours: it has three layers of sheepskin, a soft leather covering and two girths. The hand-carved and wooden stirrups are made for riding with trekking shoes.
Andes by 4x4
During this trip, the off road vehicle carries us into the wilderness of the Andes. In the past, these remote places could only be reached on old cattle tracks, on foot, or with a horse. We go and see little mountain villages, pass riders with their cattle, experience the magical mountain scenery of the Andes and plateaus from which you can overlook the country as far as 250 kilometers.
Services: trip accompanied by German and English speaking guide, picnic, cool soft drinks.
Duration: about 6 hours.
Price per person: US$ 105 (lunch inclusive).
Caves of San Pedro
Let us show you the Indian caves of Pichaska which is an old Indian place of ceremony. You will find here the oldest traces of regional human settlement. Further, you can look at fossilized Araucarian (trees) and fossils of various prehistoric dinosaurs such as the tyrannosaurus rex.
Trip accompanied by German and English speaking guide.
Duration: about 4 hours.
Price per person: US$ 85(no lunch).
Hacienda Hiking
Discover the 1000 acres Hacienda and the unspoiled Sierra on foot. There are well marked hiking trails. We provide detailed hiking maps for extended trips. Our documented nature trail for which we provide a manual will give information about the plants of the region. Nice quiet places to swim and hammocks invite you to rest. (No charges)
Golddigger Trail
Destination of this relaxing riding trip suiting non-riders and riders is a little village in the mountains called Hurtado. We let behind the Sierra and bright canyons and have a fresh cool beer on the Plaza. We return passing farms and the green valley at the river.
Price per person: US$ 93 (no picnic).
Sierra & Valley Trail
It takes us five hours to ride the horse trails of the Hacienda and the Sierra Morrillos. This trip for non-riders and riders leads you to cactus scenery and through the green valley. We have a picnic after reaching the top of the mountain.
Price per person: US$ 126 (lunch inclusive).
Inca Trail
Day trip on horseback for riders and non-riders (7 hours, breaks included). Following historic Indian trails we arrive at an Indian ritual place with ancient rock paintings in good condition. We serve a picnic at lunchtime. From the plateau we pass through a canyon. Here you can have a swim in natural swimming pools. Price per person: US$ 148 (lunch inclusive).
Mountain Biking
There are four mountain bikes available to our guests. You can explore the surroundings on gravel roads for which we suggest interesting routes. One suggestion is to leave the Hacienda in the morning (with water bottle and picnic lunch), go and see some villages on the way and arrive at the Carves of San Pedro. You may return from this 15 kilometers trip on the bus.
Price US$ 30 (lunch inclusive).
Fiestas & Events
Fiestas and events take place regularly in the mountain villages of our valley at the Rio Hurtado. Schedules of the fiestas and events are available at the Hacienda. You may join Carrera Chilena (horseracing), Rodeos and colorful religious celebrations. Celebrating, music and dance, or betting at horse racing: in spite of their hard life in the mountains the Chileans know how to celebrate.

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