Sea Trip to the Glaciers of "Southern Ice Field"
Most valleys have yet to be explored since they have not yet been visited by man. It is the last wild habitat of the Huemul (Andean deer). How these animals crossed to these hidden valleys is still a mystery today since most of the area is surrounded by glaciers stretching all the way to the sea.
From this vast iced plateau with an elevation which can some times go to more than 1.500 meters (4.920 feet) above sea level, 300 glaciers flow to the east and west. Among these, the largest and most spectacular are, flowing westward: Pío XI or Ana María or J.Bruguen (three different names from three different cartographies), Jorge Montt, Bernardo, Témpanos or Iceberg, Greve, Europa, Guilardi, Asia (Calvo-Andrew), Amalia and flowing to the east the most important ones are the O'Higgins, Chico, Upsala, Perito Moreno,Viedma, Frías, Dickson, Grey, Tindall, among others.
In general terms, glaciers are withdrawing at quite fast a rate but some, in the last 40 years, have advanced, stopped and then withdrawn (Pio XI). Some explanation of this dynamic was given by the English glaciologist John Mercer, who we accompanied during two consecutive expeditions to Campos de Hielo Sur jointly with a team of scientists from the Ohio University Polar Institute. These scientists were there to analyze the earth climactic changes of the last 14.000 years, the era of post-glacial withdrawal in Western Patagonia.
The Captain of our ship`acquired his experience by navigating over more than 70.000 miles in the Southern Pacific, for the major part carrying passengers in his own ships. This gives us the necessary confidence and assurance to propose this spectacular adventure.
All briefings and instructions required during the excursion will be given as soon as we board the yacht and during navigation. You will start to enjoy yourself as soon as we approach our goal and begin the exploration of these enormous and astoundingly beautiful glaciers flowing into the sea.
The proposed itinerary could undergo some changes because of weather conditions and prevailing winds during navigation and approximation to glaciers. The possible changes will be evaluated by the Captain with the guide or head of the group in case changes have to be made.
We welcome you at Balmaceda airport and drive you in a private bus to a cozy and comfortable hotel in Coyhaique to rest and relax. In the evening and before dinner, there will be complimentary cocktails, followed by a lecture on Patagonia and the area you are about to discover. Meals on passenger's account.
After breakfast, we will start our drive south on the Austral Road, stopping at the Cerro Castillo Tehuelche ceremonial site for a short visit. Some of the ceremonial sites in the region are up to 10.000 years old. After a picnic in the area, we will continue along the steep spurs of the beautiful Castillo Range and accross the Cajon Jofre pass, heading toward the Murta River. We will finally reach General Carrera Lake, the second largest in South America. We will drive along the west bank of the lake, admiring theCampos de Hielo Norte (Northern Ice Field). At the end of the day we will reach our comfortable Lodge which is located by the lake with a view of the San Valentine, the highest mountain of Patagonia. During the drive we will stop in several places to enjoy the view or take pictures.
At the Lodge we will be welcomed with a cocktail (pisco sour) and a good meal and Chilean wine.
After breakfast we will continue, stopping at the best view points on the road: the source of the Baker river, the big fall at the confluence of the Baker with the Nef which we can approach and the Baker river edge. We then continue until reaching Puerto Vagabundo, on the Baker, to board a small boat that will take us downstream all the way down to the little hamlet of Caleta Tortel. We will then briefly visit the village and walk along its "hanging sidewalks" made of the scented local cypress wood. We will meet some of the villagers and hear some of the fantastic stories of their settlement. We will then board the ship for a welcome cocktail and dinner offered by Captain Ricardo Born and the beginning of a great adventure.
This program calls for 9 days visiting and going on shore excursions at the following glaciers Jorge Montt, Ofhidro, Glaciar Bernardo and Glaciar Iceberg or Témpanos. After visiting them we continue along the Messier Canal (or Angostura Inglesa) stopping at Puerto Edén, where we will disembark for a short visit to the village. This picturesque village on Wellington Island, was the last refuge for the Canoe Indians such as the Kaweskar, Alacalufes or Sea Nomads, where they lived and kept some of their traditions.
Afterwards we will continue toward the Pio XI Glacier and the Guillardi Fjord and the glacier at it's end. Then to Peel Fjord and the Amalia and Asia glaciers with many floating icebergs. Finally we will reach Puerto Natales after passing through the Canal de Las Montañas.
The trip includes on shore excursions such as easy treks along the edges of the glaciers (when access is possible) and along the valleys connecting them.
In the case of some glaciers we will also be able to get close to the front wall and also observe them from natural view points . We will board inflatable boats to go ashore or navigate around the floating icebergs. The vastness of the land together with the real loneliness of the place will make us experience a feeling that will be remembered for the rest of our lives.
In the evening, once on board there will be good meals and good wines to help us relax and prepare for the next day. On day 12 we will arrive in Puerto Natales where we will disembark for a free afternoon and dinner on passenger's account. Back to the ship for the night.
After having breakfast on board, we will drive to the Torres del Paine National Park and visit the Milodon Cave. We will come back to Puerto Natales for the last night on board. Farwell dinner.
Transfer to Punta Arenas stopping along the way at a Penguin Colony then to the airport for the flight home.
Based on double occupancy
Min 6 person
Ask Please
7 person
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8 person
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9 person
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10 person
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Optional: Fly and Drive (car rentals and hotel reservations) in Patagonia, Aisen, Torres del Paine, Natales, Punta Arenas, Calafate and/or Chalten, as additional options.


  • English speaking guide
  • All land transfers to and from the airports
  • Transfers in comfortable vehicles in Aysen and Magallanes
  • 13 nights lodging, based on double room, at hotels and on board of the ship
  • All meals with Chilean wine except 2 dinners (1 in Coyhaique and 1 in Puerto Natales)
  • On shore excursions, treks, photography, wildlife observation.
  • Excursion to Torres del Paine and the Milodon Cave
  • Involvement in some of the tasks of the motorsailboat


  • Tips, phone calls and extras
  • Travel insurance, please bring. We recommend you verify that your health insurance will cover you during your stay in Chile. You may also wish to obtain a short-term traveler's insurance policy in your home country, to cover yourself and your equipment.
  • Before the trip, all passengers must sign a "Release of liability for risks and exemption of responsibility of the operators for personal accidents, displacemente, medical and other expenses"
Two itineraries: from Caleta Tortel to Puerto Natales and from Natales to Caleta Tortel On shore excursions and hikes along the largest glaciers of the Southern Ice Field.
From South to North: Punta Arenas - Natales - Tortel - Balmaceda
The schedule for this alternative is the same but the trip begins at Punta Arenas airport and ends in Balmaceda, after a 14 days/13 nights.

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